Presentations and Ongoing Technical Assistance

Offered to individuals, organizations, and government entities seeking to improve the continuum of care for people who use(d) drugs.


How to Open and Operate a Low-Cost, Low-Barrier, and Evidence-Based Recovery House for People with SUD

In this presentation and discussion, participants will learn about the law, the scientific evidence, and the operations and procedure of recovery houses. Everything will be covered- from utilities to urinalyses, from accreditation to regulation- to give participants the knowledge and ability to open a recovery house in their own communities.

The Words We Use Matter: Language, Implicit Bias, and Stigma (Discrimination) Against People Who Use(d) Drugs

In this presentation and discussion, participants will be exposed to the growing body of scientific and peer-reviewed literature that exists around the language that we use when referring to drugs, the people who use(d) them, and the effects that this language has on the individual and their health and healthcare.

Nothing About Us Without Us: Drug User Organizing

In this presentation and training, participants will be exposed to the concept of drug user organizing. Drug users have been keeping each other alive for decades, usually in spite of government and healthcare that are not set up to serve them effectively. Drug users have solutions to the many crises that affect them and our society, but they have been systematically marginalized and removed from any processes through which they may participate in improving their health and wellness. Drug user organizing seeks to change that. Drug user organizing maximizes harm reduction interventions.

Naloxone Training and Distribution (Opiate Poisoning Recognition and Response)

In this presentation and training, participants will be trained in identifying opiate poisoning and reversing it using the medication naloxone. Participants will be provided free naloxone.

Peer Support and Recovery Coaching (Authorized CCAR Recovery Coach trainer)

In this presentation and conversation, participants will learn about two of the more common forms of peer support / recovery coaching: Intentional Peer Support (IPS) and the Recovery Coach Academy (RCA) model of recovery coaching, by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR). Participants will have opportunity to ask questions and determine which one is ideal for them or for their organization.

What is Harm Reduction?

This presentation and discussion will explore harm reduction- everything from bleaching needles to total abstinence. Participants will learn about the philosophy of harm reduction, its critical importance, and the barriers to its more widespread implementation.

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